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the wall posing

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Anka against the wall

Brittany Shows Off Her Underwater Swimming Skills for KALOSPIX

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Article from TrendHunter editorial

By: Sarah Dos Santos - Dec 27, 2013 
References: kalospix & nextdoormodel
KALOSPIX photography captures model Brittany showing off her underwater swimming skills. The model's bright-green eyes reflect the color of the water and with this vintage lighting effect she looks almost like a mermaid. As the model swims underwater, she holds her breath and the lack of bubbles make her look like a real life sub-ocean wanderer.

The vintage effect really adds a unique quality to the series, because it emphasizes the green and blue undertones of the pool and the model's eyes. As Brittany shows off her underwater swimming skills, she poses gracefully as if her movements were natural. In one image, she lies on her back and poses as one would if they were at the beach -- this image is so striking because it appears to defy the natural occurrences of anti-gravity underwater.

“Cure SMA Boston Gala Night of Fashion & Music”

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Attend “Cure SMA Boston Gala Night of Fashion & Music”

Event FlyerEvent Flyer

An inaugural event to benefit the New England Chapter of Cure SMA and SMA research,

Saturday, October 15th @ The Whitney Hall, Holiday Inn Brookline.

VIP Reception with local SMA Doctors & Researchers @ 7:00pm,
Fashion Show @ 8:00 pm, and Dancing until midnight.

Featuring designs by Samuel Vartan, Kim Pham, & Lori KC,
Music by Eddie Pasco & The Festival,

Complimentary hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar,

Inspiring speeches, a silent auction, & a raffle!!

A fundraiser to support Spinal Muscular Atrophy research.
Get Your Tickets & More Info @

events.curesma.org/2016bostongala or 1(800) 886-1762



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The feeling of peeking through a window is an alluring concept for most people. The mind wonders and wants to see even more, especially when the view is obstructed by something (glass in this case). If one can see a little something, then one wants to see even more! It's very simple. Don't you agree?


This is work I did in collaboration with Andrea Ventura who is a model based in the DC area.  She is a fantastic model, a very intelligent lady with a great personality, and she's full of energy along with latin passion which shows her Central American heritage.  It is clear to me that she can make all images become alluring and provocative by being herself. She almost always "makes the shot" virtually with no effort.    


A more artistic picture is this one with BJ from MD which is more explicit which also creates a magnetic provocation to the viewer. It offers nothing more than a defocused image of a woman through a glass door, but the instinctive desire too see more is ever so present.

Muscular and Healthy Beauty

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Some time ago I discovered this awesome fitness model who is a real grand prize!  Michelle Miller (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=118250) is an occupational therapist from the DC area. She's also a superb fitness competitor who ranks high and recently won a 1st place on the Masters Figure Competition. During the competition season you will find her participating in the APC body building circuit.  And when she's not competing, or working as a therapist, or modeling, you will find her at the gym.  In general, she works out real hard and sticks to a strict diet which allows her to be the best she can be.  

when I first took at look at her I immediately discovered the beauty within her. Aside from being extremely beautiful as a woman, she has the most wonderful personality. She is very easy going and will work hard to "get the shot".  She has a great personality, she's funny and extremely driven.

When I first met her I realized quickly that I would want to get a bit away from the standard "fitness" images and create some new material by way of alluring images that would show some playfulness and natural sexiness.  Needless to say, she nailed it.

Below a few samples from some of our work which has been a mix of styles including boudoir and fitness photos. 


The fit body of a beautiful woman has to be shot with emphasis on proper lighting. Contrast is key to help show her beautiful curves.


More of Michelle (the perfect body look and form):


A testament to hard work and the contribution from great natural looks:



Eating healthy and working out pays off so much (Michelle is the proof).


Basic Lighting setup here helps emphasize Michelle's natural body outline:

KalospixKalospix Check more of Michelle at http://www.kalospix.com/swimsuit

Be on the lookout for some more posts about Michelle. I hope I will soon be posting some real neat "composite" images we worked on together some time ago.





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